Monthly Archives: February 2013

Hello, Good Evening, Welcome…

Thanks for dropping by.

Over a decade ago, I had a blog on multiplatform content across the web, mobile and interactive TV. Some of it now seems horribly naive, some of it involves thinking about technology in ways that seem ridiculous now, and there was also quite a lot of stuff about the arrival of my kids near the end.

Ten years is a long time in digital media, and I’ve been on adventures at the BBC, MTV, ITV, digital agencies and TV indies. I’ve worked in entertainment, music, education, government services, charities, corporates and back to entertainment again.

But bizarrely, many of the same challenges and questions remain – and are rediscovered by a new generation or a new discipline.

This blog will be about the ongoing attempt to scale those mountains, and how truly great experiences can only happen when editorial, product and design all get out of their comfort zones to work together.