987 – too many words

I look at my ten year old son, who struggles a bit with maintaining his momentum in writing, and remember that I was exactly the same when I was his age. Trying to get to the end of a written word, let alone a sentence, before something else more interesting pops into your brain? Just too much concentration and patience needed.

By secondary school this had turned into an almost pathological hatred of essays. I took science and maths at A level to get out of writing any more text than I had to. I went to Warwick to study maths because that was hopefully even less.


  • I’ve extended, subbed and polished a GDS Service Assessment report.
  • I’ve written a ton of email.
  • I’ve provided feedback to an old friend on their CV.
  • I looked at some lyrics in Evernote
  • There were probably some hopefully-wry asides on twitter.
  • And now I’m writing¬† this.

These days, I can touchtype (which makes it faster) and I get paid for some of the words (the possible ending of which helps on the motivation front) but I still think I probably find it nearly as hard as I did back then.

So I do wonder quite how I ended up with this as my job.

And hobby.

I do writing for my job and hobby.


All the words.

Writing the words.

Just keep writing the words.

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