989 – the slightly more soggy (but still frustrated) toe

So today, there has been a lot of this sort of thing…



There’s also been the painstaking process of going through and checking nearly every virtual instrument to check it’s actually working – and trying to have a little bit of fun in the process. I’ve been through most of my Native Instruments plugins in standalone mode, along with quite a few of the Arturia ones, just checking sounds came out and patches could be found.

Vicky was ironing nearby – with headphones on, wisely – and described this as “the expensive version of listening to all the ringtones on your new phone”. Which is distressingly accurate.

One of my hunches at the moment is that I’ve got so many plugins I need to artificially constrain myself. I can’t learn every single one at the same time, so I need to pick something and get properly stuck in. Of course it would be easy to get stuck in a rut and fall back to the ways I used to write, so there’s a need to get a bit of a mix. I’d also like that combination not to necessarily sound like the same instruments as everyone else has. The current thought was Absynth, the Jupiter 8 and – to keep it a bit different – ImpOSCAR 2. The latter is a weird old beast, but can sound rather lovely with care.

While tinkering with it, I even came up with something I thought “oooh, that’s the start of something”.

So it was with some annoyance that I discovered ImpOSCAR2 doesn’t have an AAX version so doesn’t play with Pro Tools 12.

After several hours, back to the bloody drawing board again.

But at least I know there are some pens in the cupboard now.

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