998 – twiddling thumbs

A short one today. I’m about to pop out to the pub.

I’m accidentally cutting off my sources of dopamine, one by one. Removing the twitches.

Virtually every single app on my iphone now has notifications turned off. About the only one that’s left is the red circle on the twitter app, and that’s buried in a folder on the third screen along. The facebook app went ages ago because privacy, and so I’ve only used it in the browser on my iphone for ages. I go through good and bad phases with the Dots games – when I’m trying to meditate or sleep but only thinking in patterns of completing squares it’s time to back off.

But I’ve finished the Dots games, even the new one, with the newest levels.

And I did a clear out of my browser history and lost my facebook login. And, you know, I don’t actually remember the password any more?

Which means the only ‘twitch’ I have left is continually refreshing twitter. And when that’s the only thing you can still do on a device, you realise just how much you do it.

So I’m trying to get onto a reading binge instead. New Scientist, Sound on Sound, even Wired. But – because of the missing dopamine levels generally (see above) and the other changes in my life I talked about yesterday that mean, you know, I’ve kind of got most of the things I need – I’m able to look at these things with a staggeringly smaller FOMO factor. There were days I’d have dissected the list of startups to watch, hunted for insight in articles about big data, come up with a reason why a¬†Prophet 12 synth¬†was the only remaining barrier between me and amazing music. But now, stuff it, if it’s not relevant and useful now. If they matter, other things will bring them to me.

It’s remarkably refreshing.

Except I probably could still do with the Prophet 12…

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