967 – self preservation

Short one tonight.

In all the pressure to be great at work and be amazing parents – either will take all the energy they can get from you – I can’t stress how important it is to take some time away from both.

There will be guilt.

There will be things undone.

But there’s also perspective. And renewal. The chance to do the things that you only do when you’re not doing those other things.

We’ve just finished a trip to Sheffield and back, where Vicky and I could

  • talk about things we were interested in without having to make space for those sitting just behind us
  • listen to the music we liked, without having a faint grumble of “when can we put something else on”
  • eat what we wanted without having to worry about coordinating the meals and entertainment for anyone else.

And as a result, the next time we have to do…well…the second half of those sentences, we’ll have more energy, ideas, patience. We’ll just be more interested, and more interesting.

In work and at home, you can only run so long on empty.

[Thanks again to mum for making it possible]

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