968 – homage

Tonight Vicky and I were in Sheffield. We were here to see this person doing his stuff.


Neil Hannon (as Divine Comedy or Duckworth Lewis Method) has been part of my musical canon for the best part of twenty years (thank you Phil for the original intro), and I’ve even had the pleasure of playing in a band with him (thank you Des). Photographic evidence of the two of us together at Abbey Road together exists, and sadly it only confirms the height discrepancy you’re already imagining.

But Neil and his band played a blinder tonight.

Tragically we found out too late that it wasn’t seated, so Vicky mainly had a view of other people’s backs. This has led to a very different experience of the evening. For example, tracks where Neil’s charm was an essential part (Complete Banker) didn’t do so well for her. But ‘Bad Ambassador’ remains far better as a live performance than the original record – we could both agree on that.

Must admit I’m daunted, given my own hobby-level ambitions.

But hopefully it’ll pass…




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