969 – keep it simple

Today was one of those ones where I was many roles – product manager, delivery manager, comms/engagement person, occasionally even a (very very outdated) developer. At the end of it I think we all felt like we’d had a good week – but I’m bloody exhausted from wearing so many hats. I’m incredibly lucky that I can, and I suspect my project wouldn’t be where it is if I hadn’t had A Varied Career until now, but it’s not sustainable long term and I’m aware I’ve been running on empty.

So tonight was all about Fish/Pie and chips across the generations, chatting with my mum and daughter over a bottle of wine. (Pepp Gruner Veltliner from the Wine Society – heartily recommended btw. But only for you and mums, not daughters.)

[One highlight of the chat was being able to admit that, being honest, we weren’t very good at keeping up with eachother’s blogs. And that’s just fine. I started this being full of grand ambitions, and watching google analytics. Thirty posts in, I’m more of the opinion that if this is read by ten people who enjoy it that’s nice. Presumably that’s you. Hello!]

So that was today. Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is a trip to Sheffield for just Vicky and I, to see the Divine Comedy. On our own. Staying away overnight. On our own. Trying to have conversations. On our own.

Bloody marvellous.


PS any recommendations for good places to have dinner or breakfast near Peace Gardens/Arundel Gate? For this weekend only, food, music and sleep are all that matter.

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