973 – fighting for my legacy

I’m waging a battle.

It’s one I’ll eventually lose, by accident. And I’ll lose a lot else in the process.

I’ve fought similar battles in the past, but somehow managed to remain victorious. This one, I’m not so sure.

Every single day, I’m being asked – nagged – by Apple to install iOS10 on my iPhone and iPad. “Later” doesn’t mean “I’ll tell you when I’m ready” – it means “unless you actively cancel this I’m installing tonight”.

I’m sure iOS10 is lovely.

But iOS10 needs iTunes 12.

And iTunes 12 needs a very recent version of OSX – ideally Sierra.

Which means that the iMac that all my music and photos live on will:

  • no longer have a shared photo library that both Vicky and I can look at independently which contains both our photos, because the new Photos app is crap
  • no longer have a photo library that supports ‘events’, because the new Photos app is crap
  • no longer support the rather fancy Digi002 ProTools audio interface that is plugged into it, and for which I can’t afford an equivalent replacement.
  • probably break a load of other legacy shit as well.

And yet, there it is. Daily, My iPhone and iPad trying to trick me into pressing that button that will break everything. All it takes is one slip and a large chuck of my digital world will come crashing down.



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