974 – just resting

Did yesterday’s post make sense? I’ve no idea. It was written on the tube in notepad and then I sat at Southwark tube station trying to hack it into WordPress. Somewhere along the line, while trying to put the album cover for It Bites’ “Once Around The World” into the post, I ended up pasting the whole post in again – and well, it never really recovered. It’s probably a metaphor or something.

Today? Today was busy but domesticated.

And it mainly focused on changing this

A wrapped chicken from The Ginger Pig - price £27

into this:

The ginger pig chicken, beautifully roasted and looking golden and crisp

…and then eating it.

I must admit I’ve never bought or cooked a chicken quite this expensive before. There were three options in the butchers – normal, corn fed and 100 day. £7.50, £8.50 and £10 per kilogram. Of course what I’d not reckoned on was that the 100 day chickens were considerably larger than the rest so it all went a bit geometric-progression.

Bloody delicious though. Whether it was worth it probably comes down to how much of the vast pile of leftovers we actually get through.

After that, I did something I very very rarely do. I went back to bed and had a doze.

It didn’t start that way. I was supposed to be meditating and then having a read. But by about five minutes into the Headspace session it was becoming increasingly unlikely I’d last the remaining fifteen. Somehow I managed to get to the end, and dragged myself into bed – where I lay, completely dead to the world, for about three hours. The family wandered around me, occasionally very loudly, and it made not a jot of a difference.

I really don’t tend to stop and rest. Collapsing in front of the formula one of a Sunday is tempting, but never seems to happen. Somehow it’s always seemed easier to just keep on doing things, and there’s never any shortage of stuff to do. So I’ll carry on pushing through, in a slightly catholic way, until I collapse into bed far too late. And, in a catholic way, with probably at least one more glass of wine in me than I should have.

But perhaps with great age comes great responsibility. And one aspect of that is to remember to actually look after myself a bit more.

(I’ll feel guilty about the lack of music progress tomorrow)

2 thoughts on “974 – just resting

  1. Des

    If I DO live to a ripe old age it will because I take a nap whenever and wherever I feel like it. This could be home, the office, a bus, under a table in a field… I” pretty sure those sleep hormones shouldn’t be ignored. So – good for you!


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