975 – form factor

Today was largely about tasks and kids. Nothing to report really. Although after some frantic bike riding to Westfield to pick it up I can tell you that Lego Dimensions’ take on Adventure Time is rather marvellous. As I popped in from having had my hair done Loughton-style, Milo was rescuing penguins for the Ice King, playing as WonderWoman. As I left for a party, Milo was a Cyberman trying to crack some other puzzle for BMO. I do love their fanfic mashup style on all this – expecting GLadOS to turn up too before the level pack is exhausted.

I suppose the only other thing to note is that Milo’s unboxing experience for the level pack involved kicking off an eleven gigabyte download to get all the new content.

eleven gigabytes

For one game. And it came down in about two hours.

It’s staggering. But it makes you realise that we are starting to get games that won’t even fit on a BluRay. That’s potentially a new sort of game indeed. A game you couldn’t have shipped before.

I think it’s fascinating not when we go through these fundamental changes to a medium, where it stops having to be like the medium it was before.

I remember when CDs started having tracks that simply weren’t on the vinyl version. (It Bites “Once Around the World” was missing live masterpiece “Old Man and the Angel” and that’s what led to my first CD player.)

More recently there was Max Richter’s “Sleep”. It is eight hours long, and continuous. It’s designed to be a piece of music where you don’t have to get up (in all senses) to change a disc at any point. A piece of music that only works in the download age.

Binge watching – something many of my friends with fewer children and fewer time-consuming hobbies seem to love – still borrows heavily from the tv formats of old.

What will video be like when it finally grows into this new medium?

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